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Our N Scale layout – Part 3

Things are moving along nicely.

We decided to add a few more road sections in and paint them black just as a base. We have a car park for the station and completed the roads on the other side of the track. All the sandpaper we used has been painted black using our blackboard paint. Looks ok for now. But enhance the roads with markings at a later point.

We added a slightly greener colour to the areas that will be grass. Just as a base.

Now we have the basics done, we can start to think about grass and ballast. We bought some 2mm Legacy Ballast in a light grey option. It will look quite light, but once we add the glue and weathering, it will look good. We could not think of another option but to buy this. It’s not too expensive at around £4.50.

Using the techniques we have seen online. We spoon to ballast in and then use a paintbrush to tidy up the edges and remove any excess from the track. Spraying some slightly soapy water on there to allow for the glue to soak in. This is a must as the glue will just sit on top of the ballast otherwise.

We were really impressed with how it turned out.

Next up was to start on the grass areas. Again we bought some grass for this. Javis Country Scenics was the choice. A mixture of spring, summer and autumn 2mm.

We also had some Foliage Lichen Moss laying around at £3.50, this was ok but will need a bit of work to stop it looking quite so fake.

We added some glue and used a tea strainer to drop the grass onto the glue. We didn’t use a static grass applicator. Something we will look at in the next update. Homepage one maybe! We will let you know how we get on.

Using a mixture of the grass and the moss we built up the area above our two tunnel entrances. We were so impressed with the results.

Let us know what you think. Thanks as always for reading.

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