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Our N Scale layout – Part 2

So what have we been doing with our small N scale layout. In the last update, we laid some track and got trains running. It was so satisfying to see something moving. So what was next?

We said in the last one we wanted to add some tunnels to cover the holes we have through the back of the board. We used our N Scale bridge entrance kits the create 2 entrances. They look great and were really please to see them on the board.

Next up was creating the tunnel itself. As always it’s all about budget builds, so we decided to try something. First off we built a basic shape using some cardboard boxes. We just taped it in place so we could start to re-enforce it. We wanted to use something that would be strong enough but cheap. We had a load of waste paper from our trusty office shredder. We took it and soaked it in water for an hour and squeezed most of the water out of it. Applying it onto the card was fairly simple. Although it didn’t stick as much as we thought it would. Maybe longer soaking would have helped. We persevered and painted some pea on top to seal it. Once dried it was pretty solid. We would say it was a success, but we wouldn’t recommend it. As the top part will be scrub, the rough texture will be ok. We gave it a coat of green paint we had lying around. Just a base coat before adding static grass. Using filler, we tidied up the edges where it met the card tunnels. You don’t want the get the card wet.

When added some leftover cork to the edges where we will put some houses. Next up was the road. We saw someone mention sandpaper, so seeing as we have loads of used pieces. We decided to give it a go. Using a bit of PVA to glue in place. We really like the look of it. A little worn and rough. We will paint it black and see where it goes.

We used some filler to make the crossroads. Not taking too much care overfilling the tracks as we can tidy this up. One thing we used was an old piece of track, and run it along the track that was filled and make a gap for the train wheels. Seem to work ok.

So now we have a road, crossroad, basic layout shape and some tunnels! We decided on a second line with a tunnel just for show (it’s a dead end, but don’t tell anyone).

Overall we are pretty pleased with the start! Let us know what you think.

Any suggestions are always welcome (as long as they are cheap).

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