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Our N Scale layout – Part 1

Seeing as we are all about affordable builds, we decided to build a layout using our buildings. Not only that but we want it to be as cheap as possible and ultimately look great.

We will be trying various techniques and see how we get on. Im sure we will fail a few times, but it is a learning curve. We hope you enjoy our progress and hopefully we will end up with a great layout we can take to shows when we can.

First job was to make a board. This was straight forward with some old wood we had in our shed.

Board for our layout

Two high sides and a lip around the front edge. This may change but its all we had at the time. We had some blackboard paint, so we covered the lot. We like it already.

Next was to come up with a loose layout. We wanted to maximise the small space so we thought about adding a couple of tunnels to sen the track around the back. Bring out the jigsaw.

We added a layer of cork and painted that black. Then the task of glueing the track. We used some general glue and seems to work. All good so far. Drilling a couple of holes we soldered the wires to the track on the back side.

We have running trains!



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