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How do we prototype our designs

Padgate Railway Station

We often get asked, how do we come up with our designs. The answer is pretty simple, we look around. our inspiration usually comes from spotting a building, either in the flesh or online.

For example, one of our railway stations is based on a station near to our base. The one in question being Padgate Railway Station in Warrington.

Padgate Railway Station

We literally took this as our base, and built it out from there.

We have a great design knowledge that allows us to design something, and visualise it as it would be in 3D. We pride ourselves on getting it 95% correct in our first pass. Then refining as little as possible to get the final product. We love nothing more than nailing it first time. (Its a bit of an office competition).

We also extend our initial designs if we think we add value. So extending the Station above was a secondary thought. As with the terraced/semi houses. They can be developed into numerous shop fronts easily.

We will post more of our tips and tricks very soon.

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